Tianjin - Irradiation Centre
In 2010, Tianjin Vanform was recognised as a high-tech enterprise in Binhai New Area and a science and technology-based SME in Tianjin, and in 2012, the company passed the TUV international quality management system certification and was registered with the US FDA. Tianjin Vanform has passed the "Foreign Manufacturer Registration" in Japan. The company uses Vanform’s own 10MeV/20kW high energy electron linear accelerator, and its services include sterilisation of agricultural and sideline products, food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics, and modification of new high-tech materials, etc. The performance of the equipment has reached the advanced level in China.
Equipment and Packaging
Equipment power: 10MeV, 20KW Maximum package size: 80CM x 100CM x 60CM (height) Pallet load capacity: 50KG
Contact Details
Address: Cha Dian Industrial Park, Hangu, Binhai New Area, Tianjin