All-win Harmony

"Commonality and business together, individuality and creativity at the same time" is the corporate vision of Vanform; Vanform continues to implement the protection of corporate labour rights, human rights, occupational health and safety and other areas, and actively fulfils its social responsibility.

Pursuit Of Innovation
"Committed to the pursuit of creation" is the corporate mission of Vanform, and innovation is the life force of the company and the guarantee of Vanform continued success.

Safety And Integrity

Continuously ensure product safety, information security, service safety, operational safety and political safety; prevent force majeure factors; eliminate integrity, ethics and honesty issues for the company and its customers; and ensure that Vanform operates in a righteous and compliant manner.

Green Technology
Vanform continues to focus on people's food quality and safety, urban ecology and environmental protection, material technology applications and innovation, and advocates a "green technology economy".