Technology Development
With the focus on non-power nuclear technology, Vanform has a national research and development platform "National Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Irradiation Processing Electron Accelerator Manufacturing Technology", and is committed to the independent design and development of a series of electron accelerators and industrialization.
Equipment Principle
The electron accelerator uses high-energy electrons as its radiation source. The high-energy electrons, generated by normal currents, are accelerated through the accelerator to near the speed of light and the electrons are focused to a fixed scanning angle to form a scanning curtain of electrons in a sweeping pattern. Finally the speed of transmission of the product through the scanning curtain is precisely controlled.
Equipment Construction
Mainframe Systems
The host system includes: speed control tubes, electron guns, pulse transformers, microwave power sources, accelerator tubes, scanning magnets, titanium windows, etc.

Control Systems
The control system includes: preheat control, power on/off control, beam out control, reset control, power control, transmission speed control, safety control, cooling thermostat control, etc.

Power Distribution Systems
The power distribution system consists of: power distribution cabinets, acceleration tube cabinets, speed control tube cabinets, charging cabinets, discharge cabinets and other cabinets and internal modules.

Transmission Systems
The transfer system includes: transfer power, flip track, barcode recognition, intelligent robotic arm, etc.

Equipment Parameters
High Energy Linear Electron Accelerator
Electron beam energy
Average beam intensity
Scan width
Dose inhomogeneity
Beam instability
Fault-free running time per year