Quick Facts
Main Business
Manufacturing Of Irradiation Equipment
With the focus on non-power nuclear technology, Vanform has a national research and development platform "National Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Irradiation Processing Electron Accelerator Manufacturing Technology", and is committed to the independent design and development of a series of electron accelerators and industrialization.
Irradiation Processing Services
Vanform has a number of operating irradiation processing centres in Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai, Tianjin, Wuhu and Shijiazhuang and is increasing, equipped with over 20 high energy electron accelerators. The standardised chain of operations covers more than 10 provinces across China, with a leading scale and capacity.
Industry Applications
Food Preservation
Reduced microbial content and extended shelf life
Pharmaceutical Sterilisation
Kills insect eggs attached to herbs and controls microorganisms such as moulds
Medical Supplies
Non-contaminating, residue-free and thorough sterilisation without unpacking
Household Goods
High-level sterilisation of maternity and childcare products and skin-friendly products
Packaging Materials
Eliminates microorganisms from packaging materials, making products safer
Material Modification
Improving polymer properties through cross-linking, polymerisation, curing, degradation and other reactions
Focus On China · Global Coverage
The irradiation demonstration centre covers more than ten key provinces in China